HomeWine is the application that supports the process of fruit wine production at home. It provides the functions helpful during the batch preparation, fermentation process as well as for the collection of recipes and information about the produced wines.

Application characteristics

  • The batch planning
    • on the basis of information about the fruit volume,
    • for the predefined final batch volume,
    • for multi-fruit wines,
    • with the cost estimation,
  • „Wine cellar”
    • information about the wines being produced and already produced,
    • wine recipes,
    • reminder function for the calendar (selected devices only),
  • sticky notes about
    • winemaking equipment,
    • stocks of ingredients,
    • purchased wines,
    • wine tasting,
  • configurable dictionaries of
    • fruits,
    • yeasts,
    • units,
  • calculators for
    • estimation of sugar content in the batch,
    • estimation of alcohol concentration in wine,
    • unit conversion in different systems,
    • calculation of the concentrations of the solutions,
  • help system with information about
    • programme functions,
    • home wine production.

Working with the application

Launching the commands in the application is possible by:

  • clicking (touching) the command name displayed on the screen,
  • command selection from the menu,
  • command selection from the context menu.

Menu commands are available by touching the dedicated button on the device. Context menu commands are activated by the prolonged click (touch) of the position on the list. Some commands can be activated by several methods.

If the button Cancel is not available on the screen the command can be stopped by the button Return on the device.

In the case of Fruit dictionary, Yeast dictionary and Wine cellar the search command can be executed
by pressing the button dedicated for searching.
Searching is also possible in voice mode (requires Internet connection).

Help system activation is executed by clicking the ‘?‘ icon on the application title bar.

Language versions

During the first application launch the dictionaries are generated in the language selected in the device settings. Commands and messages are displayed in accordance with the current device settings. The application is available in the following language versions:

  • English (default),
  • French,
  • German,
  • Polish.